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Do you need a decal for your trailer? Contact and either they have it in stock or can reproduce the decal for you!

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    • Description: I have the largest collection of Vintage Camper Decals available with over 170 different brands, both common and well known to extremely rare. In addition, with my 45 years of design experience, I can reproduce custom decals to match or improve original designs at the highest level of detail. Email me if you don’t see the decal brand you are looking for as I have several decals I have not posted as of yet.
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  1. I would like to get some or all the emblems or decals for a 1966 aristocrat Lo liner.

  2. Terry, I have a 1966 Banner travel trailer and can’t find much info other than what you had posted about it. Do you know who may have parts and emblems etc? Any additional info about this vintage beauty is much appreciated!

  3. I am looking for decal for my 1960 scotsman travel trailer. I saw some in the past that had coffeeville kansas on the decal. I live in wichita kansas .Thought it would be nice to have one. What is the cost for one? Thanks Robert McBrideRobert

  4. Then I’d recommend visiting the website above and asking Lenny if he can help with that. Good luck!

  5. Do u have any other little hobo decals beside what is shown here? My trailer is a 1970 & it’s decal had the little man with yellow in it .

  6. Doyle – go to his website and ask him from there. He is not likely to read these comments. Thanks, Terry

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