Pink Flamingo RV Radio – Show #038- For Veterans Sake, Chesapeake Light Craft, Unique RV

This week we are joined by Monty Hutson of For Veterans Sake Foundation. Monty clarifies some privacy details, and why we don’t discuss clients and procedures in our conversations. Remember folks, many RVers are Veterans. This is why Pink Flamingo has weekly discussions with For Veterans Sake. John Harris of Chesapeake Light Craft: Wooden Boat Kits explains his latest available kit… A home-built teardrop trailer! When you see the projects produced by John’s company, you will be impressed! And, Unique RV continues our check list from last week on preparing your RV for this camping season! You can find us,, iTunes,, Facebook,,, and STITCHER!
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With Guests- Monty Hutson, For Veterans Sake. John Harris, Chesapeake Light Craft: Wooden Boat Kits/Teardrop Trailer Kit. Unique RV, Care and Maintenance.

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