Cooking with the Sun – wait, what?

Have you seen the GoSun Stoves? Are you a boondocker?

Well you need to know about this then.


Most Tin Can Tourists have a propane stove and oven, a propane camp stove, a charcoal grill, a slow cooker, a pressure cooker and a toaster oven. Or at least some combination of these devices. All these cooking devices are just fine. BUT, propane and charcoal are fuels that need to be replenished and obviously, cost money. In many of the remote areas where we stay, it isn’t always easy to find a propane station. And anything electric requires the use of a generator, which equates to gasoline usage. Here’s where the GoSun can be a lifesaver! The sun is free! And barring only severely inclement weather, it can be used almost every day. Another virtue of the GoSun is its light weight and small footprint. Two very important factors when you are living in a vintage trailer or RV. It sets up anywhere. You may be parked in the shade, but you can take the GoSun away from the RV into the sunlight, or even semi-shade. It’s the perfect travel companion!

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