John Culp’s 1947 Westcraft

As I mentioned in the spring edition of Tin Can Tales, we were going to establish a procedure by which John “Canner” Culp‘s 1947 Westcraft would be awarded to a TCT member to see that it got back on the road. It had been on display at the RV Heritage Museum for the past couple of years, but was being neglected and is in need of some TLC.
Mike Greene has graciously stored the trailer the last two winters and will go over it to make sure it is road worthy.
It is felt that the trailer should go to someone that knew John and would better understand its history and importance to Canner Culp. If you are interested in having a chance to become the owner of the Westcraft, send in a letter stating your relationship with John and what your plans would be regarding renovation and use. The names of the individuals that submitted the letters will be eligible for a drawing to be conducted at the 19th Annual Gathering. Trailer and title transfer will be made as soon as possible at the end of the Annual Gathering on May 22nd.


Letters should be sent to Forrest Bone, PO Box 489, Gregory, Michigan 48137.


  1. i am a boat builder and can restore it. i am a tct facebook member. is there an official contest, entry? please let me know. i can attend to pick it up with my van.

  2. The post describes how to enter and also how the winner will be chosen. Good luck.

  3. My name is Jessica Culp, and this was my grandfather’s motorhome!! He enjoyed traveling the U.S in this year round!!

  4. jack culp was my father in law, he has a grandson who would love to have this trailer. his name is jonathan culp. I’m letting him know about this and he lives in nc. he and my daughter use to play cards in the camper in ohio when jack and marge came to visit Chippewa lake.

  5. “send in a letter stating your relationship with John and what your plans would be regarding renovation and use”. Sorry to say I’ve not met or heard of this fellow in like ever. So how can I have said “relationship” with him……..other than being a fellow veteran?

    It seems this trailer will sit where it’s at. My humble thoughts.

  6. What a beautiful trailer and it sounds like such a beautiful gift in his memory and an honor for whoever may receive such a gift. I came across this and thought John Culp? My maiden name is Culp. I would love to know if there is any relation to my family. Bill Culp is my father. He is in his 80’s. My grandfather was JT “Buck” Culp. They were both born in Texas then moved to California when my daddy was 13 yrs old. My great grand father is John Tilden Culp. I thought it interesting that my husband and I have such a deep appreciation for vintage trailers. We restore them to as much original beauty as possible. We do ground up restoration as we are passionate about adding even more lifetime to these legacies. They are such an integral part of our history in so many ways. We need to respect and restore these treasure for generations to come. it is so very vital.

  7. Would love to Restore it. How do I enter TCT member. Jesse Altman

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