Post Hemet Adventures – The Badlands and beyond

Post Hemet Adventures – The Badlands and beyond. Hey gang it has been awhile since our last post. After Mt. Rushmore we traveled east through the Badlands of S.D. and also checked out the Minuteman Historical site. Interesting to learn that during the height of the cold war that the U.S. and Russia had about 60,000 nuclear missiles in their inventory. Sobering thought. We are now making our way back to S.W. Florida and home. It has been a great trip and we look forward to sharing our story with any of you who may be attending the Koreshan Gathering in October.
See you down the road, Denis & Ginger

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  1. Jeri and I were fortunate to do a vintage Airstream Caravan to one of the Internationals that included camping in the Black Hills and the Bad Lands. I don’t know how the leader arranged it but we were right up to the edge of a canyon with 20+ trailers. Dinner was a catered baron of beef. Spectacular sunsets and beautiful flowers growing in a rather inhospitable environment.

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