2017-2018 Tin Can Tourists Calendar Photo Submission

Call for submission for this year’s Tin Can Tourists Calendar –  “Home Sweet Home Away from Home” is the theme.  We are going to use this photo contest to capture submissions. Michael  Lambert would like folks to upload a high resolution photo of their trailers or combos. Please no people or pets in the pictures.

The submission process will start on February 1st and complete on February 28th. We will have voting start on February 21st and end on February 28th. Please read the rules and understand that the voting will not be the deciding factor of whether your image ends up in the calendar but it will be one piece of information that will be considered. TCT Membership is a requirement for inclusion in the calendar.

If you aren’t a TCT member, use the coupon code “2017Calendar” to get 30% off your membership. Enter the coupon code at check out. The coupon will expire at the end of the calendar submission.

The Calendars will be available at the 20th Annual Gathering in May  and via mail orders in June. The calendars are 12 month calendars and run from July 2017 to June 2018

If for some reason, you have difficulty submitting your picture in the contest, you may email them to Michael Lambert at michael.lambert@sympatico.ca

The system can handle up to 3000×3000 pixel images and up to 10 Gig file sizes. Please submit the highest quality image you can provide that fit within those limitations.

Here is a link to last years calendar for your reference