Pocatello Bluegrass and the Great American Solar Eclipse Rally

Had a nice gathering of vintage trailers for the music and the 98% solar eclipse. Bluegrass was in the air thru out the rally. We were entertained from the comfort of vintage camp during the stage events. Shady spots in camp were set up for our social  gatherings. We got meet some of the performers when they had some free time and made a lot of new friends. They all welcomed us back to be part of the event next year. The whole weekend was a kick back atmosphere with some staying till Monday solar eclipse. Those that stayed got the jump on traffic heading South after the eclipse which made a major difference heading home South.

Had a great time and will do it again.
Thanks to all that came, Orbie
A.Watt (Orbie) Mungall
435-730-3840; I Phone
Retired (now a “crusty”)Doodlebugger 1978-2008
“There is not a problem that dynamite will not fix quick.”

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