Introducing a Comprehensive Guide to Restoring Vintage Trailers and a Party to Make it Official

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November 13, 2017


Whether it be for the seasoned traveler, young entrepreneur, or spirited nomad, local author and craftsman Dan Hall has written an everyperson’s DIY for vintage trailer restoration. Streamline Aluminum Trailers compiles a mass of industry knowledge, professional advice, and complete step-by-step instructions.

Salt Lake City, UT, November 13, 2017– Award-winning Salt Lake restoration shop Camper Reparadise invites all to the 5th Annual Thanksgiving Open House and Book Release Party on Saturday, November 18, from 6:30-10 PM, at 2382 S Redwood Rd. Camper Reparadise is proud to host a book signing extravaganza including DJ, raffle, merchandise, and drinks served from special feature, Retro Rentals’ Tin Bar trailer.

Published by CarTech in Winter of 2017, Streamline Aluminum Trailers is a valuable resource for total trailer renovations, updates, and upkeep. The book discusses every aspect of a trailer build, from the teardown to the final polishing touch.

“The reader of this book will benefit from years of handson work and research by professionals in all aspects of trailer renovation,” says Brandon Zinninger, industry leader and owner of Camper Reparadise.

Rooted from a family history with Alaskan Campers and his explorations of the NY forests, Dan completed his first trailer restoration in 2011. He has been heavily involved with the startup and growth of Camper Reparadise, and has since restored more than 50 campers.

Streamline Aluminum Trailers captures decades’ worth of American pop culture and signifies this generation’s passion to hit the road and travel. The book is available for purchase at online at 

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  1. This book is an incredible resource and a must-have for anyone considering restoring an old trailer. It contains practical information and useful tips to avoid expensive mistakes and help you get it right the first time. It even covers how to build interior aluminum skins or end-caps where they weren’t before. It has sections on every aspect of restoration – from frames and belly pans, to appliance restoration, to upgrading your trailer’s systems, to interior finishes. Although it has a lot of info on Airstreams, it thoroughly covers wood-frame trailers as well. Truly, if you’re even thinking about buying an old trailer, just buy this book! I can’t recommend it highly enough!

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