Tools for the Vintage Camper Road Trip

Our facebook community recently debated and shared the tools that are needed while you’re on the road with your vintage trailer or RV. Here are the highlights:

One of the best things about having a fully stocked RV Tool Kit is being able to handle those “unexpected” events at the campsite or on the road.

This is our comprehensive list but every vintage camper and camping trip is unique so add and subtract from our list to meet your specific travel needs.

Items To Carry In Travel Tool Boxes

Tool set in carry case
Drill that is portable and rechargeable
Pry bar/nail puller
Wire brush
Inspection mirror with LED lights

Tire Tools For Travel Tool Boxes

Compressor (for inflating tires, air bags for your vehicle if it has them and other inflatable products like air mattresses etc.)
Spare tire for RV trailer and tow vehicle
Floor jack
Digital tire gauge

Roadside Emergency Equipment For Travel Tool Boxes

Roadside assistance kit
Safety cones
Tow strap
Fire extinguisher
Jumper cables
Gasoline in metal can

Lights And Electrical Equipment For Travel Tool Boxes

Diagonal wire cutters, crimpers, electrical connectors
Bulbs for tail light, turn signal
Battery terminal post cleaner
Solder, soldering iron
Proximity tester
Frequency meter
Flashlight, spare batteries
Headlamp, spare batteries

Propane Fuel Equipment For Travel Tool Boxes

Propane gas meter
Propane tank refill adapter
Torch aka The He-Man Boy Scout Fire Starter Stick

Adhesives And Fasteners For Travel Tool Boxes

Tape, electrical, Teflon, double stick and duct
Tie wraps
ABS cement
Epoxy putty
Bungee cords
Weather stripping
Plumber’s Putty

Misc. Supplies For Travel Tool Boxes

Work gloves
Ground cloth
Scotchbrite pads
Small assortment nuts, bolts, screws
Box cutter
Pocket knife
WD 40
Pocket Multi Tool

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  1. We just purchased our first vintage camper and can’t wait to go on our first adventure. Thanks for the great tips.

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