Vintage Trailer related classes will be held at the Florida Centennial

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The Tin Can Tourists Centennial Rally at the end of February in Brooksville Florida is right around the corner. (yes, we are the oldest camping club in the world celebrating 100 years in 2019)
This year we will be offering four classes on Thursday Feb 21st 2019 for our members that are attending the Rally.

The classes will be:

  • ‘Window Worries’ All about windows including types of trailer windows, parts, sealing, repairing, maintenance, replacing glass, polishing, etc. Presented by Tim Heintz
  • ‘Hitches to Hubs’ All the upkeep and maintenance your trailer will require to pull safely on the road. How to check running light issues, hitch issues, sway control, weight distribution, axles, springs, how to change tires easily, and how to remove-clean-inspect-re-grease your bearings, etc.… Presented by ‘The Heintz Brothers, Russell & Robert Heintz’
  • ‘Better Backing’ Easy tips to back a trailer up easier, dos and don’ts of backing, and optional real-life trials to test your abilities with professional guidance. (You must provide your own tow vehicle as a cargo trailer will be used for the test) Presented by ‘TBA’
  • ‘Simple Seams’ Everything you need to know about making your own simple curtains and other simple items for your trailer. Please bring your own sewing machine if you have one as well as any scrap material and thread. There will likely be a few extra machines and material to share on site. Presented by ‘Ann Clark, and others TBA’
  • Vintage Trailer Insurance
  • Fire Saefty

There will also be a panel of experts every morning to answer your questions about vintage trailers. If you have a specific topic or question you will be able to submit such question the night before at the rally, or you can post them under this post and we will add them to our list and try to get to all questions.

At this time, we are still needing volunteers to help with these classes as we still need some more people to help teach ‘Better Backing’ and/or ‘Simple Seamstress’ or just helping out during classes as an assistant to those teaching the classes. The classes will be on Thursday Feb 21st at the Rally with two classes from 9-11am and the other two at 1pm-3pm. If you think you could help please contact me by Facebook or by email at

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