Koozie Giveaway

CONGRATULATIONS TO TINA GALLAGER! She won the 1st raffle and we emailed her to get her mail address!

We are going to try something new for us… a free raffle. All you have to do is visit some of our social media outlets and you’ll get entrees into the raffle to win a set of Koozies! These aren’t even for sale on our website yet. Limited edition and very special. They will keep any drink super cold around the campfire!

[rafflepress id=”1″]


  1. not sure how this works … I am on the facebook page 4 or 5 times a day yet I only show one entry ??

  2. It’s an entry per action you take. We will be doing lots of raffles with different ways to enter – like posting a picture, etc. Thanks for helping us try this out!

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