Heyer Camping Journal – camping 100 years ago

Charles Heyer has been posting photos and information in our facebook group about his grandparents camping trip that happened in 1921. People have really enjoyed the photos and encouraged him to publish a book. The book is now available.

Here is a sample:

100 years ago my grandparents were in the planning stage of a 4 month cross America camping trip. They would leave from Montclair, NJ on June 20th 1921 and not get home until October 10th. The photos and daily journal of their trip are amazing to go through.
My grandparents camping at the beginning of their four month journey.
On this day (Aug. 24th) in the summer of 1921 my grandfather and youngest son have breakfast at their campsite near Salem, OR. They have been on the road since June 20th when the family left Montclair, NJ. for a 3 month camping trip across the US.

The book is 134 pages with about 140 photos. He hasenhanced and cleaned up the photos so they are nice and clear. The book 8 1/2 x 11 and is spiral bound so it lays flat.  

Original cover on my father’s photo album from 1921
Cover of the new book

The price of each book is $20.00 – including postage. It will be shipped Media Mail, so delivery time is typically a week of less. 

If you’d like to buy a book – email Charles Heyer at charles.heyer@verizon.net (this is also his Paypal account too)

Thank you Charles for sharing these images and history with us and for giving something truly historical to the camping community.

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