New member interview with Barb Malone

We bought our first vintage trailer in December of 2019 when we were looking for a small trailer to restore and make into a pie and ice cream food trailer.  This was a 1961 Midjet.  But a month later we found a 1969 Yellowstone Cavalier which was much better suited to make into a food trailer.   So we restored the Midjet and sold it to pay for the Yellowstone re-do.

When the Yellowstone was finished and remade into the pie and ice cream food trailer, Anne’s a la Mode was born.  The inside is styled like a 50’s diner.   Then the pandemic hit and we stopped for over a year.

Then last December we found a 1959 Shasta Airflyte and brought her home.  It was our third rescue and we loved spending the long winters working on vintage trailers.  The Shasta was our dream trailer, we love those wings!

Now we are starting the food trailer again and we are taking both trailers to our first vintage trailer rally at the end of August in LaVeta, CO and also visiting  the Elk Creek rally in Granby, CO while we are at a bluegrass festival with the pie trailer.

We are also taking the Shasta (her name is Jewell) to the Vintage Week festival in Englewood, CO in August.

We joined TCT to learn about rallies in our area and begin meeting other vintage trailer owners.

We have a Jeep Sierra to pull the Shasta or the pie trailer.

Our daughter, Amanda,  and her family are vintage  enthusiasts also and is a partner in the pie trailer business.

Here are some pics.

    First one is the 1969 Yellowstone pie trailer (Sweetie Pie)

   Second one is the 1961 Midjet, we sold it

   3rd and 4th is the 1959  Shasta

Happy camping!

Denny and Barb Malone

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  1. Love all of your trailers….the first two are just darling in looks and size and of course the Shasta is in a class of it’s own. The food trailer is a dream….thanks for sharing.

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