New member interview with Nicole & John McGillis

Nicole and John McGillis, owners of Blueberry Hill Classics

Can you tell us about how you got into the vintage trailer hobby? We were tired of tent camping after a very rainy camping trip. When we started shopping for a camper, we discovered we liked Airstreams because of their unique design, but even the used ones were out of our price range back then. We really didn’t want a square white camper, so that led us to a 1964 Shasta SC. We restored it, and went to our first rally that summer – we were hooked! We have collected and restored a number of vintage trailers over the years, and now we do restorations professionally with our company Blueberry Hill Classics.

What type of trailers have you owned and what do you have now? What is your dream vintage trailer? We have had a number of early 1960s Shastas (our favorite!), an Airstream (our current camper is “Jet Set Judy”, a 1967 Airstream), a fiberglass Burro, a 1959 Cardinal, and we’re currently working on a 1941 Kozy Koach… eighty years old this year!  Our dream vintage trailer would be the Aero Flite.

What do you tow with? A Ford F350 6.4 diesel

Do you attend rallies and what do you like the most about attending a rally? Yes, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the great community that is part of vintage trailering. We’ve been to the Midwest Vintage Trailer Rally a couple of times, and also were able to attend the annual TCT rally in Dearborn a number of years ago, which was such a great experience! So many great campers to view there!  Someday we’d like to plan a rally in Minnesota.

Why did you decide to join the Tin Can Tourists? We appreciate the history and heritage of the organization, and we also like that members’ classified ads get featured status on the website. 
What are your camping plans for this year? We are taking a big trip out West which will take us through the Dakotas, Montana, and upper Idaho. 

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  1. Your restoration looks wonderful….love everything about them, especially the yellow Shasta.

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