Interview with new member David Mason

I got started about 6 years ago when I retired. My sister and brother in law , Margie and Nelson Bove , have been restoring vintage trailers for several years before and have always tried to convince me to get involved. They have restored several trailers, including a 1958 Comet and a 1950 Airfloat Skipper. In addition , my brother Scott had a Scotty and another sister, Diane has a 1957 Corvette.

So I bought a 1966 Frolic on eBay and spent about 7 months restoring it.  I have always been a handyman and thoroughly enjoyed the process. It turned out so well that it is still my primary camper for trips. I have towed it all over including Lake Havasue, Death Valley, New Orleans, Florida Texas and many trips in Ohio and nearby states.
We usually travel together and really enjoy the attention that we get at the camps or even stopping for gas we draw a crowd.  

I restored a 1964 Bee Line that sat for 20 years for $100.00. It had a bathroom and shower so I-restored it for a trip to the National parks in Utah, Zion,Bryce, Canyonland, Arches and Kodachrome.  An incredible camping trip we will always remember.

I also fixed up a 71 Argosy and traded it for a vintage ski boat.  I am  now working on my biggest challenge , a 1961 Holiday House that I bought in Sacramento and had trucked here to Ohio.  I love the rarity and pure 60’s styling and the cool back story of the Holiday House.  

My dream trailer is the 1948 Aeroflite Falcon. I think it is the best quality and design of all.

My tow vehicle is a 2021 Yukon Denali , but I have also used my Ram pickup truck.

Next month we are attending the Fall Gathering in Michigan and are camping at Kelly’s island State park in Lake Erie on the way.  We also have reservations in Yellowstone next May. I hope to have the Holiday House finished by then.

Will be attending more rallies in the future. I enjoy meeting so many friendly people who share the same passion for vintage campers . I would like to see more meets in Ohio and surrounding states.  That is one reason that I joined and more members in the Midwest can only lead to more rally’s. I also use the TCT website quite often and want to support your effort promoting vintage campers.

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