New member interview with Mitch Cater-Cyker

Can you tell us about how you got into the vintage trailer hobby?

We actually got into it unexpectedly. We were looking for an RV and stumbled across this and just fell in love with it. We love the charm and craftsmanship of the era. We also have a vintage sailboat.

What type of trailers have you owned and what do you have now? What is your dream vintage trailer?

We own a 1963 Swiss Colony. Our dream vintage trailer is an Airstream.

What do you tow with?

Well this is an issue as we are currently unable to tow it because we don’t have the vehicle yet. We may have to borrow Dad’s truck.

Do you attend rallies and what do you like the most about attending a rally?

We just visited one in Bouckville and are possibly planning on camping in September and hope to attend future rallies.

Why did you decide to join the Tin Can Tourists?

We thought after talking with several people in Bouckville this would be a good next step.

What are your camping plans for this year?

This year we are doing upgrades and renovations wheels, lights , brakes etc. We hope to camp a lot next year.

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