New Member Interview with Ron Walls

We are new to the world of Travel trailers and RVs   We got interested when we attended a Tin Can Tourist event in our home town of DeFuniak Springs Fl.

We got to see several units including one owned by a friend, Alex Alexander.  We finally found one we really like even if it is not vintage quite yet.   

It is a 2001 Sunline Solaris lite.  We are excited about starting new adventures with it. 

We tow with a2009 Chevy Silverado.  I am currently working on being able to tow with another vehicle we have. It is a 1970 VW Vanagon which has been retrofitted with a ford v6 engine.  Hope we can make that work at least for short hauls,

We plan on attending the event at Mainsail State Park in October.  Our big goal is to join our son with their RV and travel the full length of Historic Route 66 in 2022   

I am enclosing a few photos of the unit   I am a great advocate of preserving the history of our country and feel the history of the original Tin Can Tourists is an integral part of it.   

I don’t have any photos but have heard many stories about my Great Grandfather and his model T based motorhome.  I know he traveled from Indiana to Florida many winters. 

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