Tin Can Tutoring Video – Vintage Trailer Tags, Titles and Registrations

Tin Can Tourists’ Tim Heintz of Heintz Designs provides helpful tips and laws pertaining to vintage trailer Tags, Titles, and Registrations. Tim answers your questions about Serial Numbers, VINs, Bill of Sales, Non-title states, Registrations, Weight laws, State Definitions, and Title Jumping. Tim zoomed in live from an event from the Twin Lakes Rally in DeFuniak Springs Florida. At the end of the session, Tim can gives us a quick tour of his 1959 Ellsworth 11 foot trailer.


  1. Fantastic presentation, so much helpful information.
    Thank you!!

  2. Thank you for the Title and licensing video presentation. I found it very interesting and am sure many others did also. Still working on getting my Georgie Boy official because of bad info I received at Ohio BMV.
    This presentation may have saved me a few or many $$$$.

  3. 13K1771 56
    Trying to figure out the make and model of my trailer I understand that it is a 13 footer and I believe it’s a 1956? I do not know what the K or the 1776 means

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