New Member Interview with Tom & Kathy Wessels


Can you tell us about how you got into the vintage trailer hobby?

I moved to CA in early 1971, started work at a motorhome company nearby called Revcon, employee #18.  After a couple months, the lead painter quit so I was ‘volunteered’ to run the paint shop. I’d had several minutes of experience painting at that point but stayed at it. I painted hundreds of Revcons and saw the unique beauty in John Hall’s clean design. He was the stepson of Airstream’s Wally Byam and Revcon reflected that lineage, same riveted aluminum construction, etc. He’d been an engineer there so he knew how to build a strong, light body. This was different though, as it had the Toronado FWD that had been well proven by then. I left Revcon a few years later, always wanted one, so when an early one came up for sale, I convinced Dear Wife Kathy to go look at it. This was 2007. On the way there, she asked what year it was. When I said ‘1971’….she just stared at me. I was there very early on and this was built even before I started. VIN #71-0004.  We immediately began to restore it to original. Every system’s been gone through. I guess it’s a ‘resto-mod’. Pix show the result.  We now pull a 1967 VW that we don’t worry about door dings with…

We enjoy traversing this whole beautiful country and hope to get back out again soon after several years of time out. Next planned stop, Death Valley, Zion (and now Mesquite Ranch)?
Looking forward to meeting what looks like lots of people who still appreciate the ‘good old days’ of RVing!

Thom and Kathy


  1. Recvons are great! We have a 1973 250T, bought in 1998 and restored. We use it every Summer for local trips around Michigan. Made lots of upgrades to the 1973 interior decor, but the exterior is pretty much untouched, other than new paint. Currently it has marginal brakes, even after extensive work, and a “total loss oiling system”. But it always answers the call each Spring when coming out of storage.

  2. To respond to Phil Borgering:
    Have some experience with Revcon brakes, may be able to help you sort your issues out. (What’s a ‘total loss oil system’?)

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