Ed Proctor inducted into the TCT Hall of Fame

The Tin Can Tourists club is very happy to announce that Ed Proctor has been inducted into the TCT Hall of Fame. Ed created and sustained the Best Dam Rally in Bull Shoals, Arkansas.


We get a lot of emails asking, “are there any rallies near me”? When there aren’t any really close to the person, we suggest that they start one of their own and offer assistance to help. Rarely do we get a person contacting us like Ed who has already made up their mind that the area needs a vintage trailer event, and he is just the guy to get it started but he just needs a little direction.

He was a model for taking the initiative, reaching out to TCT rally hosts and representatives to learn from them and start his own event. He worked with the local community and made sure that the event would be in good hands when he no longer would be able to run it. He brought a lot of people together who have become lifelong friends, which is in our minds, the best way to judge success.

We all appreciate his efforts and are grateful! We are very happy Ed Proctor made those calls and emails back in 2016 and so are so many others that were able to meet Ed and attend his events!

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