2003 Boles-Aero Travel Club

Andrew “Orbie” Mungall recently shared a story of how he met Don and Mary Jeannette Boles, founder of the Boles-Aero Travel Trailer.

Miss M and I bought our first Vintage trailer in Smithville Utah in 2002. A perfect 1947 Boles 12-footer for $1,200. I heard of a Boles travel club gathering in Laughlin NV. Off we went thinking it was a rally. Instead, it was the Travel Club event. We set up overlooking the casinos with one other Boles, also a 1947 12-footer. Our serial numbers separated by one number.
Don and Jeannette drove up later that day. Upon arrival, Don was walked to our trailer, hugged it and told me he didn’t think any were still around.

Three days of road stories from “the day”.

Before we left Don & Jeannette autographed our closet door.

Jeannette said she would send a copy of our production paperwork was under the pool table.)

What a way to start our vintage trailer life.

Now we have three Boles: 47 12 ft; 47 14 ft; 55 20 ft. Monticello, 63 Barth 24 ft and a 52 Silver Streak. Life is good being vintage.

Watt Mungall – Retired, now “crusty”Doodle Bugger. No problem dynamite can’t solve.


  1. Good afternoon,
    I have had a 1965 Boles Aero 24 footer for about 18 years and have liked using it over the years.
    Cancer has gotten hold of me and I don’t think I am going to be able to keep up any longer.
    If there is interest in the above, how would we be able to communicate?

  2. Hi, i am interested in anyone selling a 1950’s boles aero. 18ft max. If anyone has any leads please let me know. Thank you, Kelly Covert

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