Not so New Member Interview with Sarah McReynolds

Can you tell us about how you got into the vintage trailer hobby?

I work at Old Fort Parker Historic Site and I needed a trailer from time to time during large events or road trips, so why not a vintage one? So, I bought my first vintage trailer from a TCT classified ad and it is a small 20 ft AVION.

Avion 1957 20 foot

Other trailers

Then I found another 28-foot Avion that I rescued from an old barn it was built into in south Texas. It was in bad shape, so I headed to Vintage Campers in Peru Indiana to have it looked at and overhauled. It would cost quite a bit to get it livable. So Dan Piper sold it for me to another person who restored it.

Meanwhile I found a 24 foot Avion  in Minnesota that was very original and would cost way less to bring up to date. I dropped it off at Vintage campers in Peru and they fixed the electric and gas.

Avion 1960 24 foot

My brother grew ill in Florida so I wanted to move him to Texas with me. He had lived in a Spartan in college so I bought a Spartan from Vintage Campers, if he ever got well enough to come home. It is a 36 foot Imperial Mansion 1950 with two bedrooms.  

1950 Spartan Imperial Mansion made the Tulsa paper
Inside 1950 Spartan Imperial Mansion

Meanwhile I moved his 28-foot Avalair to Tim Heinz of Heintz Design Vintage Trailer Restorations for a major overhaul. Sadly, to say a tornado in Panama City storage facility took it out and destroyed it. I was able to salvage very little. Tim Heintz was sad because he lost a few trailers as well.

Tim Heintz, Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restoration, Sarah McReynolds, Dan Piper, Vintage Campers

I also use these trailers at work from time to time for extra lodging.

What do you tow with?

I live on a ranch, so I tow with either a one-ton Chevrolet or a one-ton GMC dually flatbed. I also have stock trailer and a large horse trailer for rodeos, thus the big trucks.

Do you attend rallies and what do you like the most about attending a rally?

I love to attend the rally’s and going to Florida for the winter Convention is my favorite. I grew up in Florida so going to the rally there is like going home. And it feels like a big family at these reunions.

Why did you decide to join the Tin Can Tourists?

I joined the TCT when I went on my first rally to Florida. (Funny sideline…..when I got there with the 1 ton dually and my little foot Avion, Mrs. Forrest Bone asked me if I could back into my spot next to her or if I needed help backing… I told her I think I can back my trailer. She had no idea I lived on a ranch. And when I backed it in, Tim Heintz came over to check my trailer out and my tow vehicle. I didn’t know which one he liked best.)

What are your camping plans for this year?

I have already been to the 75th Year Spartan Reunion in Tulsa Oklahoma and have plans to go to the 76th Spartan Reunion at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. I also plan to attend the TCT Winter Convention in Florida. The rally at Terry Bison Ranch is canceled and I also plan to attend the Silver Avion Texas Unit Rally.

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