What Year is my Trailer?

by David Hanke (copied from the TCT Facebook group)


Aside from looking at the title , Here’s the easiest way to find out on your own without bothering the experts.

Just start with the current year (2022) and subtract the indicated years for each clue you find . Add the years together and use the formula at the bottom to derive your trailers exact manufacture age .

1: Did you find mouse poop inside?

– subtract 5 years

– squirrel poop ? -8 years

– Raccoon/ possum ? -12 years

2: Was the 7 pin wiring connector replaced with a 4 pin?

– subtract 10 years.

3: Did you find an Olympia beer can under the dinette seat ?

– subtract 11.6 years

4: Did you fall through the floor anywhere ?

– subtract 24 years

5: Was a padlock added to the entry door ?

– Subtract 17 years and quietly ask yourself who they where holding prisoner in there and why?

7: Did the previous owner say the fridge worked and it doesn’t ?

– subtract 8.2 years

8: The left turn single engages when you turn right

– Subtract 16.8 years

9: There is a faded Magnum PI poster covering a hole in a wall .

– subtract 12.1 years

10: The trailer has avocado or fall harvest interior colors , and you like it.

– You are under 50 years old

11: You found a date code on a mirror.

– You are a gullible optimist . Add 2 years to your own life

12: A window air conditioner was added through a wall .

– subtract 22 years if shag carpet is present.

13: You sanded the front trailer frame to locate the serial number and nothing is there .

– You most likely sanded to hard

14: You chipped away at layers of trailer flooring and broke off a piece of 9 x 9 asbestos floor tile.

– subtract 5 years from your own life.

15: There is a “ Howard’s trailer sales” emblem by the entry door

– You have a 1965 Shasta compact

Now add the relevant trailer age number clues together . Then add the trailer’s wheel rim diameter . Subtract from the current year ( 2022) . If the year number does not look right, add or subtract another rim diameter until it looks right to you . This should be your trailers exact age .

Your welcome !


  1. 1866…mmm. Probaly 1867 or ’68…I thought it was a 1870…at least that’s what the seller told me.

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