New Member Interview with Julia Followell

I can’t really say that we are fully “into” this tin can hobby just yet. We bought a 1981 Go Tag A Long from a friend back in 2014. At about the same time, we bought a piece of homesteading property, sold our home, unjobbed, and began restoring a pre-civil war, two story log house on said property. So our little trailer, which we had started on, gutted, and re-wired, began being used for storage. We bought a 1993 5th wheel to live in while we worked. And worked. And worked. 

Fast forward to 2022- Still working on cabin but are now living in ground floor level while we continue on the upstairs. Earlier this year, I saw the article about TCT in Country Magazine. I LOVED it and I can honestly say it sparked my interest back up in a big way. So I joined TCT and have been unloading items stored in our little trailer. Getting ready to move it to a location that will make it easier to continue work. 

It will probably be summer 2023 before we can get it finished as cabin comes first!  But I cannot wait to post my “finished” pics on the FB page!

We tow with a Jeep Commander and as yet have not attended any rallies etc. 

In the past we have tent camped and we owned a pop up camper for several years and loved it. 

I am enclosing photos of the day we adopted our trailer. We brought it home and I spent the entire day cleaning. My then Great Dane, Jemima Puddlepup, and I camped overnight in the side yard!


  1. I loved reading your story. especially about Re-kindling your interest and enthusiasm for the vintage camper. Looking forward to seeing your “finished” pics.

  2. Welcome. A journey of stops and turns can lead to wonderful adventures. Thank you for sharing!

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