Terry Evans

The Tin Can Tourists lost an important member of our community this week. Hall of Fame member Terry Evans will be missed by all. Our deepest condolences to Hardy Evans and her family.

Terry wrote her own obituary (of course she did!):

Terry Dutton Evans

6/28/47 -12/13/22

I was born at Fort Lewis, WA to parents who were part of the greatest generation; Staff Sargent Curtis Dutton and “Rosie the Welder” Fern Dugger. They moved to Winthrop Harbor, near the Dutton clan, and I grew up surrounded with the family, church and a village full of us baby boomers.

I was the oldest of 4 sisters: Pat (Daniel) Brown, Cindy (Stuart) Johnson and Rhonda Dutton (Ken Rottman). I grew up with lots of family and over 30 cousins, so I always belonged somewhere. My dad had 4 girls and we were raised like sons, we were equals and with that comes equal hard work and we all thrived because of it (not because we liked it).

At about age 6, my girlfriend Sandy and I sat out in the tall weeds watching the wind softly blow the reeds and she said, “If you’re real quiet you can hear God speak to you”. I tried that often but decided I could never be still enough and then she said, “You know, God forgets all your mistakes”. And I was free from then on, didn’t know why, but I knew it was true.

We ran all over the Harbor with friends and cousins. Every year before school started, my mom invited my new teacher for lunch and explained if there were problems with Terry, to give her a call and it would be handled. My mom tried her best.

I graduated ZBTHS in 1965 and immediately my childhood friends got drafted and then the military funerals came to our town. We never forget.

In 1966 this Harbor girl married a Harbor guy, Hardy Evans. The love of my life for over 56 years. We created a life of hard work and raised 2 beautiful and talented women, Stacy Alicea and Darcy (Scott) Holverson, who in turn gave us 6 fun grandkids: Stephanie (Remington) Mitchell, Skylar (Toryn) Perkins, Ashley Repp, Haley (Evan) Penfield, Emil Zemanek and Grace Holverson. And now 2 great grandkids, Finley and Ezra Perkins. We’ve enjoyed helping raise all of them and they will continue on with Grandma’s influence whether they like it or not.

Hardy and I retired and spent 22 years traveling in our homemade rolling homes. I also became involved in the local artist community and ran with unique and fun artists. God has blessed me my whole life. I’ve enjoyed seeing our great country and meeting friends everywhere and having a loving and caring family.

I’m off for a new life, don’t know what’s there but I do know Jesus waits for me and that’s enough!

Don’t mourn, remember all the fun times we’ve had together and laugh about them!

It’s been a great ride, see you on the other side!


  1. Anyone who camped with Terry has a great story to remember. Probably several. She and Hardy are what TCT is all about. She will be with us in memories on all our adventures to come.

  2. I’m not sure if I ever met Terry, but her obit makes me wish I had!
    Rest In Peace dear. My deepest condolences to your many family and friends. May they always remember the happy times and may you all be reunited again one day.

  3. I’ll never forget the time Terry gave Bonnie and I a private tour of the Evan’s homebuilt rig at a TCT rally, pointing out hundreds of unique features and explaining the story behind each one. She had a fascinating life!

  4. Words can’t express what Terry meant to TCT and personally to Jeri and me. Hardy and Terry were key ingredients to the success and growth of this great organization.

  5. I was lucky enough to meet and camp with them at the TCT Lincoln Highway Caravan. Nice folks and their well known rig always was a center on interest.

  6. We met Terry and Hardy at Vicksburg rally in 2009. We weren’t members but they welcomed us and Introduced us around.They encouraged us and we joined on the spot.a few days later we ran into the group@ the RV hall of fame , again the same welcoming. We talked to Terry last year at the GILMORE tct and Airstream gathering , she shared the journey she was on and said the next stop was camp Dearborn for spring rally & that would be their final camping trip with Waysless….Rest in Peace my friend

  7. Terry led an adventurous and joyful life. She made her final journey with grace and courage. Her smile, her energy, and enthusiasm for life will be missed.

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