The Perfect TCT Sticker?

We think so but you be the judge!

Michelle Bone and Andrew “Roo” Ryan collaborated on a this design and it is PERFECT! Michelle wanted a decal that highlighted the club’s song is “The More We Get Together, the Happier We’ll Be” and gave Roo some ideas. He ran with it, threw out all of Michelle’s ideas and made the perfect design that made Michelle smile.

You can buy them now by click on the click below.

Do you have an idea for a Tin Can Tourists sticker? Send us an email at


  1. I LOVE the TCT stickers! But I hope they’ll make a magnet too. Our camper range hood is filling up with magnets and this would great there.

  2. I love the sticker and I as well would love if there was a magnet form

  3. Magnet Idea is a good one, I am not sure if you would make one that could also go on the side of the tow vehicle or maybe some would put it on something. Maybe a Garden or lawn flag ???

  4. It’s awesome! Roo is the best and great idea working in the club song Michelle.

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