New Member Interview with Ted Melton

Can you tell us about how you got into the vintage trailer hobby?
My family vacationed in New Mexico and Colorado all my young life. We had a variety of Shastas, etc.

What type of trailers have you owned and what do you have now? What is your dream vintage trailer?
The only one I have owned is a recently acquired 1971 Streamline Duchess. This is my dream trailer.

What do you tow with?
Variety of older Land Cruisers: 1973 FJ55, 1974 FZJ80, 1997 Lexus LX-450 with a big block Chevy engine.

Do you attend rallies and what do you like the most about attending a rally?
I’m looking forward to the camaraderie of a rally.

Why did you decide to join the Tin Can Tourists?
I have several Lady Friends who told me about it.

What are your camping plans for this year?
Three to five summer trips: Colorado, Wyoming, Utah. Winter trips (snowboarding) same places.


  1. Hey Ted come to the 4 corners rally in Deloris this year. Its a blast. Love to see your trailer.

  2. The rally at La Veta is great too. Just depends on which side of CO you want to go to or both!

  3. Hi Ted. I have a 1963 Streamline Duchess, which is my dream trailer as well. I recently completed a 6,000 mile trip through New England, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and back to Florida, where I live. The camper was very comfortable and performed perfectly. Please feel free to contact me if you want to share any notes.

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