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In this nostalgic one-hour documentary, popular PBS host Huell Howser goes in search of the history of the RV in America. We start our adventure with David Woodworth, who is the preeminent collector of pre Second World War travel trailers, tent trailers, motor campers and just about anything having to do with early American camping.

Next it’s off to a vintage trailer rally, where fifty trailers dating from 1935 to 1960 have assembled to spend a weekend showing off their pride and joys.

The video is full of wonderful archival material from the era. Newsreels, company films, cartoons, film clips, home movies, personal photos and lots of great publicity material fill out this trip down memory lane. Whether you own an RV or just love American Pop culture, this film will satisfy the nostalgic in all of us.

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  1. Woodworth’s collection was sold to the RV Hall of Fame Museum and forms the core of their collection. Good stuff…

  2. Happy Holidays to all at TCT. We really enjoyed this video, thank you so much for sharing. We are first time owners of any kind of RV but we got the vintage bug 2 years ago and bought our 1968 Utopia Panoramic 171/2 ft (rear bath) camper, a loving restoration in progress and staycation “JOY” for now by our farm pond on our property in Troy, New Hampshire.

  3. Wanting to know where the shows are all of the Antique trailers across America

  4. I have a 1952 vagabond 35ft trailer 4 sale in good condition if anyone is interested get in touch with me 215 317 3295

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