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2021 Thumbs Up Rally (formerly Port Crescent)

July 22, 2021 @ 8:00 AM July 25, 2021 @ 5:00 PM EDT

Moving the Port Crescent Rally to Wagener Park in Harbor Beach

Here is the steps to register for the “Thumbs Up Rally”

  1. Make sure you are a TCT member – you can join here – https://tincantourists.com/product/annual-tct-membership-subscription/
  2. Reserve campsites at Make a Reservation – Wagener County Park | Huron County Parks– The rally is full but if check this link if someone cancels and a site might open up!
  3. Send an email to Terry & Michelle Bone – tct1919@gmail.com with your name, site number you booked and trailer information

The park would prefer we not have an open house this year but I’m sure word will get around that the club is at the park. Don’t be surprised if people wander around on Saturday.


Make sure you read and understand their refund rules for the campsites.

ATTENDEES AS OF 7/2/2021 (68 registered)

Site #Name
1Daniel R Ranger
2Denise & Cam Mackenzie
3Lindsay Alarie and Brendan Forrest
4Stephanie Barnum
6Mike & Bette Parker
7Sandy Mastin & Steve Brown
8Terry & Michelle Bone
9Edward Byrnes & Jessica Kierney
10Jason & Angie Black
11Tami & Jake Moomey
12Jan Roselle
13Jim & Nancy Warner
14Pam Garlow
15Sherrie Hartwig
16Kirk & Beth Olmsted
17Jay Ward
18Tom Curto
19Paul & Julie Gastelum
20Marty Brian
21Mike & Christina Harrigan
22Debra Schrader
23Gene Brechtelsbauer
24Gayle Richards
25Tom & Rebecca Denton
26Chris & Marsha Poshadlo
27Kathlyn Waters
28Jeanne & Brian Bosch
29Kristine Collier
30S&i & Kyle Albrecht
31Laura Mysliwiec Hoskins & Keith
32Traci Howden
33Mac & Stephanie MacCarroll
34Dalton and Barb Colling
35Carl Fish & Sue Peterson
36kirk mackellar
37Hans & Deborah Horstik
38Brian Hake
39Don & Lori DeVos
40Mike & Carolyn Coats
41Terry & Michele Fleming
42Huey & Julie Husted
43Steven & Patti Collins
44Karen Burnside
45Todd & Amy Smith
47Errica Shanahan
51Dale & Marie Patten
52Kim Sensiba
53Cindy Smith
54Mark & Debbie Edmonson
56Yvette Henninger
58Dave & Nancy Vanderworp
60Dave & Nancy Vanderworp
61Bob Solsbuy
64Gaye and Denis Guenette
65Mark & Jeanne George
66Lisa and Chuck Burkhart
67Burkhart’s daugther and grandkids
68Bruce Weber
101Doug Bukantis
102john &sue allison
103Doreen & Bob Bergman
117Bob & Mary Korr
126Tammy & Bruce Patchett
203Jon, Marianne & Grace Long
205James Bailey
21 aBrian & Kim McCool


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  1. Hi Terry,
    We have to cancel our reservation for the 2021 thumbs up because that weekend weekend there is a bridal shower for our daughter. We have site 15 booked but before I cancel is there somewhere I can post that so another TCT member can get first sot before we cancel it?

  2. Amy – you need to go ahead and cancel, you won’t get a refund unless someone else books it. We don’t have a waiting list as the park is handling the reservations directly.

  3. Lora and I also have site 102, and will be bringing our 55 Owasso for my daughter, husband and grandson they are not members but will be joining us for the weekend!

  4. Hey friends! We would like to attend. Are the TBD sights open? Help! Anyone need to back out?

  5. Check the campground website for any openings. It was completely sold out for months, so someone would need to cancel and they will do it through the campground.

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