Meet the lady behind Tin Can Awnings – Jean Bundschuh

My name is Jean Bundschuh, and I own Tin Can Awnings.  I have been camping since I was 6 months old.  The fascination with my grandparent’s 1960’s Coastline cam1423336112431per trailer as my playhouse in their driveway, had me lured from a young age.  My grandmother had taught me to sew and was always helping with crafts.  Once I grew up, and the family trailer was no longer, I yearned for one of my own.  I was quickly infected with Aluminitis and had to have more. I have owned a handful in the last 5 years.
Needing an awning of my own, I attempted one and succeeded.  It grew to a craft business in late 2014 via word of mouth and Facebook.  I do both traditional camper awnings and decorator glamper awnings, I also do a meld of the two.  Everything is custom to my customer’s tastes.  I have done awnings as small as 6 ft by 6 ft and up to 9 ft depth and 26 ft width.
Two trailer restoration companies, Eternity Trailer and ESK Productions, have purchased awnings from me and have since referred business my way.  I reproduced an awning, inch by inch, for ESK from an original painted duck canvas and realized that my techniques are 90% true to the original style.
You can find me on Facebook under Jean Bundschuh or Tin Can Awnings, or my website, or 719-822-1822.

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