First Night One The Road

Good morning fellow Tin Canners. We made the first stop of our trip to Hemet Ca. at Ginger’s sister’s place which is located in The Villages near Ocala Fl. The drive up from Cape Coral was uneventful and we arrived with the trailer in one piece. I tend to drive at a slower speed when pulling the trailer, usually in the 55 to 60 mph range. That is for safetys sake. However, I am truly amazed at how fast some foks will blaze down the freeway while pulling a trailer. We were passed several times by people pulling trailers who had to be going at least 75 to 80 mph. That in my opinion is a disaster waitng to happen. To each his own ! We will be spending two nights here and then hit the road at zero dark thirty Monday morning for our next stop with friends in Fort Walton Beach Fl. So far we have not seen any other vintage rigs on the road. They are out there somewhere !
See you down the road,
Ginger & Denis


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