1930’s Tin Can Tourists Brass Medallion

Back in the 1930’s, members of the Tin Can Tourists had brass medallions that they would attach to their trailers or tow vehicles.

Here is an original on George Shebley’s Model T


Very few of them have survived and we’ve only seen a handful of them.

brassmedallion brassmedallion2

We have used an original and had it reproduced but added the “since 1919” to the top so that the reproductions can be distinguished from the originals. Here is a prototype that we just received. They look great but we want a little deeper etching to match the original’s depth.

Here is the original we used for the casting


Here is the prototype:


We hope to have these available to TCT members in September! Thanks to Steve Hingtgen and his team at Vintage Tailer Supply


  1. Sounds and looks terrific! Ready & waiting for when they’re available!

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