Thermostat and Vintage Stove Resources

A common question we get when our members start a vintage trailer restoration is how do I get parts or service for my stove?

A great resource is “The Old Appliance Club” or TOAC. The Old Appliance Club (TOAC) was founded by southern California classic range expert Jack Santoro, in 1994. With 47 years in the vintage range and refrigerator business, Santoro originated the idea of an organization that would bring together old appliance owners, collectors, dealers, historians, parts fabricators and buyers and sellers all under one roof.

You can get your thermostat rebuilt, find parts, locate a manual and maybe even find a whole new stove.

Check them out if you are having problems with that stove in your vintage trailer!


  1. I have a majic chef model 185-2f I’m looking for a oven thermostat can you help me?Aaron.

  2. Contact the resources listed in the article directly. They can help.

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