Brass Medallion Reviews

Our Tin Can Tourists members got the chance to purchase a Brass Medallion replica of a TCT medallion used in the early 1900’s. The first batch was a limited supply and sold out in two hours. More are being produced and we should have many more soon. In the meantime, here are a few reviews from our members who received theirs in the mail

Thank you to the Bone Family, it is Perfect -just like the original!
Also gave one to Ken Hindley for his Aerocar as he was here visiting today

Ordered March 29, arrived March 31.  Very nice–see photo.  Thanks for making this available at an attractive price! – Steve Schlott

Just got my bronze emblem in the mail and it’s a peach! The illustration on the Vintage Trailer Supply site does not do it justice. It appears, in that, to be a flimsy little thing but it is robust, and a full .8 mm thick. Should look really great once it gets a little patina. Glad they didn’t lacquer it.

Michael Burwell

Got my medallion today. It’s so shiny you can see the reflection of our ceiling register. It just happened to be above where I was taking the picture. Now to decide where to display it. It’s a nice heavy quality and very professional. The medallion and our Ultra Van.




  1. Can I pre-order one? I would like to get one when the next batch comes in.

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