Free Trailer to a TCT member willing to remove it

We let the owner know that we would try to find a new home for the trailer and someone that would restore it and cherish it but it looks like it will be hard work to get it out of where it sits.

Here was the owners email to the Tin Can Tourists:

Name: Mardi      Email:

I have a vintage trailer I would like to donate preferably to someone to refurbish and enjoy or for salvage. If no takers, I must have it demolished. I am not sure of the make but it is definitely a 1940 model. It doesn’t look like much on the outside but has some beautiful wood in the interior. Have used it as on site camp trailer for years, but not in past 4 yrs. Has not leaked (covered) except for one area where squirrels chewed their way into a kitchen cupboard and destroyed it. Everything else intact. If anyone is interested I would love to give it free for removing it. Hate to see all the lovely wood wasted. If interested, I can send pictures of interior and exterior. Located near Leavenworth, WA

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  1. Relocateing and. Himesteading for first time ever with my daugh

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