The search for the lost “Georgie Boy” trailer

We love these types of stories. John J. sent us this one!

A brief history, years ago I posted this:


My parents had a 1971 Georgie Boy travel trailer and it was #7 built. It was made in Edwardsburg Michigan and was purchased in Toledo Ohio.
They still talk about how Dad sold at least 5 others to family and friends but some said Georgie Boy and others said Cruise Master. My Uncle got rid of his without telling anyone last year and I want to find another in good condition.
All were 19′ with tandem axles and looked like a box….LOL. I wish I had pics but they are all on slides and Dad will not let anyone go thru them.
The options were few but it slept 8 and had 2 tables that folded into beds and then a rear bunk. The sides were either Gold or Silver stripes of aluminum.
PLEASE contact me if anyone knows of any. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Last Saturday my prayers were answered:

A Wonderful couple found this in a Barn and we brought it home on 50 year old tires but it is original, needs only cleaning, tires and our Love again!

It’s NOT our old one but is a Sister as the company only made them 2 years and had 1 floor plan.


  1. We find these types still as we dig deeper after all these years. It’s now on our radar. If one of us finds one we will send the info off right. History especially family ownership makes it even more fun. How fun!! Thanks for posting Terry!! Wendy

  2. Would love to find one with bathroom stored and only needs updating no body work!

  3. Thank you for responses!. Yes having a bathroom would be nice but the one my uncle had did have a flushable toilet but it was more work to use then it was worth, in that trailer. He just used as a closet.
    My problem now is finding keys to fit the BARGMAN door lock.

  4. I want to add something about the key for my Bargman door lock, I had keys made by a local man here in Toledo ..VERY CHEAP.
    He is one of a few from what he told me that still makes then and he did them as I waited.
    He is located on Upton Ave in Toledo Ohio but don’t recall the name. Search and you will find. If you do, tell him I sent you and he will take good care of you.

  5. I have one of these in my possession and would like more info on it please how do I find out what number it might be? What it might be worth? 918-200-6220 if anyone could help.

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