New Member Interview with Patrick and Pam Rediker

Patrick and Pam Rediker’s 1963 Go-Lite

Can you tell us about how you got into the vintage trailer hobby?

We have an appreciation of all things vintage. Pam and I wanted to
restore a trailer together, so the search was on. Two years later we
acquired a 10-foot, 1963 Go-Lite, manufactured by the Herzig
Manufacturing Company in Fremont Nebraska. Our “rescue” trailer
had sat forlornly in a farmer’s field for 40 years. It was a mess, but
what we saw was the potential. The trailer had extensive water
damage, mouse nests galore, and no title, but it was all there. At $400 it was a real bargain! The local DMV did a VIN search and provided us with a temporary conditional title, and later full title. Our goal was to restore the Go-Lite as closely as possible to its original 1963 configuration. An internet search revealed very little useful information to work with, so we were on our own. We meticulously disassembled, photographed, labeled, and stored each part. That turned out to be exceedingly helpful months later when we started putting it all back together. Ultimately, we were able to salvage around 50% of the original wood and all of the external skins. We patiently buffed the oxidized aluminum to a bright sheen. We wired the interior for LED lights, including a miniature LED light in the original propane lantern. A local trailer fabrication shop manufactured and installed a new axle with modern wheel bearings and electric brakes so we can tow it with confidence. This will be our 4th camping season since completion.

What type of trailers have you owned and what do you have now? What is your dream vintage trailer?

The Go-Lite is our first vintage trailer. We both love the art deco
trailers and RVs from the 1930’s era.

What do you tow with?

We tow the Go-Lite with a 2015 Toyota Tacoma with a V6 and a factory towing package.

Do you attend rallies and what do you like the most about attending a rally?

Pam and I attended a couple of rallies before the Go-Lite was
completed. We gathered ideas and bolstered our motivation by
viewing other restorations. We do look forward to participating in
rallies with our Go-Lite, and sharing our experience with fellow

Why did you decide to join the Tin Can Tourists?

We joined Tin Can Tourists to support the vintage trailer hobby, and to encourage others to get in on the fun.

What are your camping plans for this year?

We have already made several camping plans for this season. We live
in Idaho, so we have an amazing selection of State Parks and
commercial sites to choose from. We are usually the smallest trailer in the campgrounds these days.


  1. Nice job. Would love to talk to you about buffing. A task I’m not looking forward to.

  2. You guys did an excellent job. Congrats! Your baby looks a lot like mine! You have good taste. Haha

  3. We started the polishing process by using liquid aluminum polish and 0000 steel wool. Then we switched to a 12 inch random orbital polisher with either a wool or a foam pad and Nuvite IIF7. The next polish was done with a 3 inch random orbital polisher using Nuvite IIC. We used Flitz water-based metal polish for the final sheen and protection.

  4. We too have a Go-Lite. Have never yet seen another. Ours is a ’60.
    Slight change in window position, but otherwise looks like the same layout. We haven’t yet gotten the courage up to do buffing so it looks a little rough outside but is clean as a whistle inside. Would be interested in trading stories/information

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