New Member Interview with Janine Bailey

Can you tell us about how you got into the vintage trailer hobby?
I was born into camping, my parents had an late 50’s truck camper when I was born and when I was 2 months old, I went on my very first camping trip.   We lived 2 doors down from Butch & Carolyn Adams.  Butch’s dad started Cardinal Campers/Trailers in El Monte   So all our early campers and trailers were Cardinals.   My family camped almost every weekend.  That’s what I remember from growing up… always camping. 🤗

What type of trailers have you owned and what do you have now? What is your dream vintage trailer?
I’ve owned new and old, I’ve always had an RV of some sort.   We currently have my 1961 Bonanza 14’ Vintage Lil’ Ruby & also a 2018 Jayco Whitehawk.   But I’ve owned a Holiday Rambler, Cardinals, a Prowler, Jayco’s, and a Tioga motor home…  all which would be vintage by now.  Plus some new ones too!  
My dream trailer is a huge old Spartan someday…. 40’s vintage!   

What do you tow with?
I tow my vintage with my F-150 but I am in the market for a 1960 Ford truck for local stuff and Rallies.  

Do you attend rallies and what do you like the most about attending a rally?
I have attended Rallies, the last one was in Quartzite with a 1964 Holiday Rambler I had at the time.  I’m looking forward to more Rally’s in my future as I now fully appreciate all the restoration work that goes into them.   That’s what makes Rallies fun!  Seeing all the fabulous work that people have done.We are preserving history! 

Why did you decide to join the Tin Can Tourists?
It’s a great group that I have run into a few times in my travels.   Promoting camping and the outdoors, rallies and trips … that is what makes life fun!    We camp any chance we get.  We are avid big game hunters and we fish, hike and take our dogs everywhere we go.  It’s so much more fun to do the trips in Vintage RV’s and be with a group of like-minded fun people!
What are your camping plans for this year?  
We live on the Grand Mesa of Western Colorado so we are surrounded by great camping We have a Reservoir just 11 miles from our house and over 200 lakes within 1/2 hour to an hour.   We also have some Utah & Arizona trips planned in the next couple months as we still have lots of snow where I live. In the Fall I want to do Route 66 with my Vintage Trailer and a good friend and our dogs.  And we hopefully are driving to Alaska this summer!  We’ve been trying to make a move to Alaska since pre-covid. That’s where we want to live.  

I’m not done with Lil’ Ruby yet.  Still have to do some painting on the outside when the weather warms up.  But she’s a keeper, I truly love my little vintage.  



  1. Hey, I live in Montrose. Would love to meet up. Are you going to the View in Deloris?

  2. Hey, Montrose is close!

    We haven’t been able to commit to the Deloris event tho we’ve talked about going. We have a family thing that week in Idaho. Trying to work around that.

    We go to Ridgeway and camp at the reservoir. And also Ouray as much as possible!

  3. The Views RV Park in Dolores CO is awesome and the park owners (Matt and Wendy) own a vintage Boles Aero.
    The rally is May 12-15 and should be an grand event.

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