TCT Convention Material from the 1930’s and 40’s

We collect Tin Can Tourists historical documents and photos in order to preserve and understand our past.

TCT Convention Programs and Notebooks

Here are a few programs from Tin Can Tourists conventions held in Tampa Florida in the late 30s and throughout the 40s. In the late 30’s the organization was only 20 years old and was finding its way. The program was basic and the advertising was basic. Compare that to the late 40s and the program was nearly all advertising and a complicated agenda. It even included letters from Arcadia hoping to convince the group to move their convention the following year. Even Pepsi was advertising their beverage that was going for a nickel a bottle.

The notebooks must have been given to attendees and it looks like they were used to capture notes, glance at a calendar for planning gatherings and also to remember new friends names. They were another form of advertising.

The main purpose of the conventions was to induct new members and entertain everyone in attendance. Here are a couple examples of membership cards.

One thing is obvious is that the TCT was chaotic in their logos and branding during this timeframe. That comes with the territory of a growing organization and revolving set of officers.

We are very fortunate to have this information to lean on and learn from. It helps us piece together how the club started, evolved and eventually faded away. But, we are back baby!


  1. “The main purpose of the conventions was to induct new members and entertain everyone in attendance.”

    Some things haven’t changed…….

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