Where do you find Happiness?

We’ve added this sticker to the Tin Can Tourists store.

Because happiness is in the Can!

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  1. Hi Terry,
    I want to join the TCT Club and am waiting for our ‘68 Boles Aero to come back from a repair shop to take photos to include with the membership application.
    We’re nearly finished with the near total gut job restoration. I saw an article in TCT’s posts about the Boles Aero trailers and a club from the 1960’s. There was a photo of a half dozen trailers in a row that all had factory aluminum awnings. I would like to find out what company made or supplied those awnings to see if they are still available.
    I can wait for any help you can supply after you’ve received our membership dues.
    Thank you for the posts and any help you can offer.
    Mark Tillman

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