New Member Interview with Michael Rafferty

We are looking forward to joining our first TCT rally as new members.

About to get on ferry to Newfoundland from Sydney NS last summer

We first got into Airstreams in 1991 when we saw an ad for one close to our house in Florida. We had a look at this 1971 27’ AS and bought it for $1000. It required some major cleaning up but a month later we loaded three kids, the dog and enough stuff for seven months living in Portland Oregon and after a 3,000 mile trip, not a single problem. I don’t exactly remember, but I would like to think we put new tires on it. [Ignorance is bliss]. Seven months later, back on the road with a small engine Suburban,  the whole gang and back to Florida. From then on we were hooked and today we are on our fourth AS. 

Sunset on Fogo Island, NL

The second one was a 1963 27 footer that we had for a short time before I gave it to my sister to live in for two years. Totally stock with very few problems during that time. When she left I debated doing a major restoration because I loved the classic look of the 1963. However, my kids were getting bigger and I found another 1971 but 31 feet that suited us better. I sold the 1963 to a good friend who has restored it to original condition. The 31’ suited us for almost ten years until the kids grew up and we decided we wanted something smaller and more dependable that we could really hit the road with and head to all parts of North America. We got a 25’ AS 2005 in 2014 that we have today. She is presently 18 years old and we have been to almost every where in the US and much of Canada including three months in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland last summer. I still dream of the 1963 but very happy with our present “new” 2005.

Colin Hyde’s shop in Plattsburgh, NY, the best vintage trailer restorer anywhere. My embarrassing new AS on far left

We tow with a 2500 GMC diesel. We have had two Suburbans, two Yukons and two 2500 pickups. The only one that compares to a 2500 diesel pickup is the 2500 Suburban with an 8.1 liter gas engine. That baby would pass anything but a gas station.

We don’t attend a lot of rallies but we enjoy the ones we do. Seeing the vintage trailers at this upcoming event will be a real treat and that is why we joined especially after hearing so much about it from two members, Bill Mars and Colin Hyde. We are sorry it is not located at Seratoma Youth ranch where we have attended music festivals for 20 years. However, I’m sure the new location will be fun!

Not sure where we are headed this summer but we will be out there, maybe Labrador, great newly paved highway which all vintage and new trailers love.

For all you boaters, my website is


  1. Great article. However advertising Colin Hyde was offensive to me. As I restored my ’64Safari several years ago. We recommendation from WBCCI member, I ordered a new axle from Mr Hyde. Came in bent, after install, wire out to set of tires on short trip from Alb to Az. Mr Hyde did not honor the repair or replacement. Be aware who you deal with.

  2. Colin Hyde did the foundation work on two of our Airstreams – a 1963 Globetrotter and a 1965 Tradewind.

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