Dal Smilie inducted into the TCT Hall of Fame

Dal Smilie is our TCT rep putting on events in Montana & Oregon, attends all of the west coast vintage trailer events and actively promotes the club.

He spearheaded the induction nomination process for the Forrest & Jeri Bone’s induction in the RVMH Hall of Fame and was a shameless promoter of the Function at the Junction Event, convincing the museum to consider candidates unlike any they have before was not an easy task.

Dal is very active in documenting the history of the Curtis Wright trailers and providing contributions to the Tin Can Tourists wiki.


  1. Congratulations to Dal! It was a pleasure to work with him at the Function at the Junction Event.

  2. Thank you for this great honor. Especially sweet coming at the Function at the Junction rally which was celebrating the RV HOF induction of Forrest and Jeri. As you can see, we dressed for the event. Humbling.

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