Jean Bundschuh is now the TCT Southwest Regional Rep

Jean Bundschuh – Southwest Regional Representative


My name is Jean Bundschuh, and I have been camping since I was 6 months old. The fascination with my grandparent’s 1960’s Coastline camper trailer as my playhouse in their driveway, had me lured from a young age. My grandparents had instilled the love of travel and camping and family togetherness. Once I grew up, and the family trailer was no longer, I yearned for one of my own. I was quickly infected with a disease called Aluminitis and had to have more. I have owned a handful in the last 5 years. My first was an unidentified one that I quickly learned was above my skill set. My second was a 1966 Avion 25M that we loved as a family and took to Yellowstone to enjoy. The 1954 Boles Aero near original MiraMar, was my prize however I had to sell her to purchase a home. Currently I own 2 1961 trailers; one a prototype Compak Keuka and the second a Streamline Baron. I am also on a few year project of renovating a 1947 Boles Aero for my mother. Did I mention it is a disease?

I am looking forward to making many more camping friends in the near future and camping with some awesome folks of the southwest!


  1. Wonderful news!!!!!! Live in the Southwest. Welllllll, CO. Hard to get to FL and NY! Thank you for taking this on!

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