RV/MH Museum Hall of Fame Brick

The Tin Can Tourists purchased a brick to honor the induction of Forrest and Jeri Bone into the RV/MH Museum’s Hall of Fame. The brink came in and will be installed in their walk way soon!

Thanks to the Tin Can Tourists members who donated to make this happen. Raffles were held at Florida and Michigan rallies to raise the funds needed.

We will post pictures when it is installed or when a member visits and sends us a picture!


  1. We have known Forest and Jeri since the “resurrection” meet at Dearborn, Michigan. We feel honored to know them and praise them for all they have done to help the TCT stay together and grow. We just visited the recent rally held at Sampson State Park and were really delighted to see so many great travel vehicles. When we joined, we owned a 1977 GMC motor home. Thanks Forest and Jeri.

  2. It’s always great when peoples efforts get recognized! I,m certain they had no intention of being so acknowledged, but when you do something so great and it positively affects so many people ,It’s well deserved.
    Congratulations Forest and Jeri!

  3. Their kindness and enthusiasm surely made an impression on me….. Many people will benefit, for many years, from their dedicated efforts!

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