Andrew Watt Mungall (Orbie) – 10 Years of Service

Orbie recently announced his retirement from the Tin Can Tourists. The Tin Can Tourists would like to thank Orbie Mungall for holding the position of the Northwest Regional representative for the Tin Can Tourists. Orbie held many rallies for those in the region and gave them opportunities to camp with their tribe.

A few pictures from the ceremony of “stepping down” after 10 years of being  Rally Master at the fall Rally on the Fruit Way in Perry Utah.

Watt was will always called himself a “Crusty Doodle Bugger” that and he reminded us that there was “No problem dynamite can’t solve.” He can now sign off as a “Retired Crusty Doodle Bugger”.

Thanks Orbie – you are a unique and special guy!


  1. Orbie put on several great rallies and was a real TCT supporter. He attended our rallies in MT and Bend OR. Great sense of humor and font of vintage trailer wisdom. Good guy, good friend. Love Emmy also.

  2. What a great representative and friend to the TCT and the vintage trailer movement as a whole! Orbie is truly a wealth of knowledge, and will be missed as the organizer of our region. Thanks to Emmy as well for everything that she does behind and in front of the scenes to make these events work and be fun as well. Luv you both and thanks for the taking the time to convince me to buy your 63!

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