TCT Port Crescent Article Featured in

SUN, SURF AND ALUMINUM ALL SHINE AT THE PORT CRESCENT VINTAGE CAMPER SHOW By : William Flood   August 06, 2018 If you’ve not had the fortune to experience the Great Lakes during summertime, you are in for a treat. Picture the Caribbean without the palm trees – water so clear you can see the bottom twenty… Continue reading TCT Port Crescent Article Featured in

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Blogs – Shana is a 1958 red Shasta Airflyte Deluxe. This site chronicles her restoration and adventures with the family that adopted her. Mobile Home Living: A great blog that features vintage mobile homes, advertising and literature on both vintage and modern mobile homes. Facebook Groups – A place to post reissues for sale and… Continue reading Other Websites we like

Bowlus Trailers – The first riveted aluminum travel trailer

BowlusTrailers – The first riveted aluminum travel trailer This website is about Hawley Bowlus and his design and construction of Bowlus trailers. He was primarily involved in the field of aviation where he designed and built a number of important aircraft. Tags: Bowlus