New Member Interview with Patricia Ray

Before I retired, I spent a lot of time driving. During my endless hours of windshield time, I discovered the Girl Camper podcast and remembered how much I enjoyed our crazy camping trips when I was a kid.

Mom was a single mother in the 70’s so we were dirt poor. Family friends bought themselves a new camper and kept the old one so we could go camping with them. We still have great stories of that old (even then) Nimrod pop up camper.

So Girl Camper put camping back on my radar. I love to travel, and traveling with your own good bed and kitchen is the best.

After a lot of research, thinking, researching and thinking some more, I decided on a “used” camper because I didn’t want a payment.

I finally decided that I didn’t want to deal with holding tanks and that I’d probably stay in campgrounds or simple overnights while on the road. Once I started actually looking it only took a couple of months to find the right trailer.

What types of trailers have I owned?

I actually spent my earliest years roaming around the country following my dad’s work. We had an 8×30 Layton for 5 humans, a dog and a cat. I can still remember pulling over to a rest stop and people eating their cold sandwiches and staring when Mom popped out of the trailer with Fried chicken and mashed potatoes. lol

This is my first camper of my own.

I have a 1964 Frolic, no dreams of anything else yet, I tow with a 2013 Ford Escape with factory tow package. My towing capacity limited my options, which is another reason I gravitated towards a vintage camper.

I’ve not attended a rally yet but I’m looking forward to attending in the future.

I joined TCT for company in the campground! I also knew I’d need to find answers to issues that might crop up with an old TT.

Camping plans.

Well, I drove to Massachusetts from Key West to buy my camper and I camped my way home with my two Chihuahuas. Now every time I go into the camper one of them pops in and bounces around like, “Let’s go Mom!”. Next up, I’ll be camping from Key West to Cincinnati with my sister to go home for the Holidays.Then I’ll be camping my way back to Key West after Christmas with my mom and a total of our three small dogs. We’ll be quite the traveling road show. lol

For other camping adventures I’m looking for events with TCT, Girl Camper and SOTF.

Since Covid I’ve felt uncomfortable staying in hotels. You never really know what you’re going to get, and after a long day of driving looking for a different hotel is no fun. This way we’ll be safe from disappointing (dirty) rooms, as well as Covid, and the dogs will have some greenspace for walks rather than the edge of a hotel parking lot. Much more pleasant and safe for all of us!

I’m looking forward to many fine adventures with you all! 🙂


  1. I’m thinking about going to Columbus OH for the holidays. I have never been north for the winter with a trailer though. Should I do it?

  2. This is something that only you can decide on based on your experience in driving in potential snow and ice but probably not. You also need to make sure your trailer is winterized or can handle freezing cold. Check to see if campgrounds are open, many are closed for the winter season in the north.

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