One of the most amazing private collections of Vintage Trailers

Bob and Doreen Bergman were interviewed recently by RV Lifestyle and walked through their wonderful collection of restored vintage trailers that include a 30s Covered Wagon, 40s Vagabond, homemade Spartan housecar, Spartan Manor bar and Cover Wagon kids playhouse.

All the restoration work has been done entirely by Bob and Doreen and their work is amazing. Thanks to the Bergman’s for representing and promoting the Tin Can Tourists!

We were interviewed by RV Lifestyle a few weeks ago (why we could not attend thumbs up rally at the last minute) and we were promoting TCT as a club and where to find vintage trailers. 
Hope you get more hits and members. 

Bob and Doreen 


  1. Doreen and Bob have done an amazing job of restoring several vintage campers. I’m looking forward fir the opportunity to see there latest project, the Spartan Housecar.

  2. I got the bug and my first was a 1963 Boles Aero Princess, which we still own. I was fortunate to have you tube to review extensive videos about wiring, wood, plumbing and a lot of other things. Although I was fortunate in the amount of original interior was present. My current project is a 1946 Curtiss Wright Model 2 that I have just got back from the sheet metal shop. As you stated in your interview, the costs are so directly related to how much work you as the owner can do. Great piece.

  3. Outstanding video. Great restorations from this wonderful couple.
    Wishing you many happy trails.

  4. FYI….. since I live in Elkhart county Indiana and have been employed in the RV business. Although many decades ago. I think the claim of RV Capital of the World is more about the amount of RVs that have been and still are manufactured here! There are 10s of 1000s sitting in lots throughout Elkhart County. Waiting to be shipped. I live in Bristol Indiana. East of Elkhart. Everyday is a continuous shipment of units. The 2 largest RV companies are headquartered here in Elkhart . Many millionaires were made here! Skyline and it’s many brands started in a garage on Harrison St. Jayco started in a chicken coop. An uncle was integral in Yellowstone. My brother and partner had a company for some years. I started working in the cabinet shop part time @ 14. A friend’s father was founder and owner of Banner Homes. You could always spot an RV exec. They dressed “funny’. Plaid pants. Patent white shoes…. lol! But! The CEO of the largest RV manufacturing company in the world Thor, seems to be quite down to earth! Never forget! Gypsies have been campers for centuries. And caravanning is by far NOT a new thing in Europe!

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