Goodbye Google Ads

You might notice a change in the Tin Can Tourists website. Our site is now advertising free.

For many years, we’ve used Google ads to help offset the costs of website hosting. Although it helped pay for the website hosting and software used to run the website (WordPress, woo commerce, classified ads, wiki, payment processing, email processing, etc.), the ads were becoming more of a nuisance and actually in some cases confusing our website users. The ads were proving to be less and less appropriate and useful to our members.

We’ve made the decision to remove the ad service to better support our Tin Can Tourists members. We hope you will appreciate this decision.

Thank you for supporting our little club!

Terry & Michelle Bone


  1. That is the best news I have heard in a while. The ads were invasive and annoying and frankly it’s so sad when everywhere we go we’re just inundated with ads.

  2. Thank You, for removing Google Ads from Tin Can Tourists. I read “Our Daily Bread” and click over to an attached Bible App, where Google ads for all kinds of stuff run in sidebars on both sides of the screen. That’s not distracting … just kidding. Appreciate what you’re doing for your readers :).

  3. Thank you, This is a sign of a quality company. I really appreciate your decision.

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