T-Shirt Giveaway to TCT Members


Using Random.org, we put every name of those that commented and the following people were the top 5 in the randomized list:

  1. Sandy Mastin XL
  2. Jenn McFarland M
  3. Pat Brantley M
  4. Sharon Lee M
  5. Julia Followell XL
  6. Jean Smiley M

We will email the winners and send out the t-shirts this week!

On October 31st at 6PM, we will do a random drawing for 6 t-shirts and mail them out that week. We have 4 mediums and 2 XLs available. These shirts run large and are roomy.

The t-shirts are the “Nobody has S’More Fun” shirts.

The rules are that you can enter once and you must be a TCT member to enter. You enter by commenting on this post with your name and the size of the t-shirt you are interested in (either a medium or XL).

Thanks and good luck!


  1. Pretty schnazzy shirt.
    I should have bought one in Michigan.

  2. Denielle – I don’t see you in our membership database. Is your membership under a spouse? Thanks, Terry

  3. Sandi – your name or email address are not in our TCT membership database. Is your membership through a spouse or partner that I can verify?

  4. Love the green shirt and hope to win a size Medium! Thanks for the rainbow pic at Camp Dearborn

  5. XL
    Membership might be under Steve or he might have given me my own

  6. I’d love to have a medium shirt to remind me of my favorite thing! It’s been a rough few years full of life’s challenges and haven’t been able to make it any rallies but still enjoy camping in our finished vintage trailer in our driveway. Another is still in the process of being restored when we get the resources.

  7. Can’t ever have too much TCT swag! Medium if I am picked please!

  8. I could use an XL please. I don’t believe that Craig Hardwick can fit in an XL!

  9. David – please read the post again. Only mediums and XL are available.

  10. I would love to win a size medium T-shirt! Such a fun design!

  11. Would love to represent Utah with a TCT – T-shirt. I miss all the Southeast members, they sure are fun. The size I would like, XL. Thanks

  12. Forgot size….M will work but any will do….I rework them to something cute and fringe if they are too large!

  13. Count me in for one of those great shirts in a Medium. (-:
    Camp happy,
    Jennifer Redden

  14. I can’t wait for s’more fun with our TCT friends! TCT makes camping fun.
    Size medium

  15. I have never had s’more fun than this summer! The Camp Dearborn rally was a blast. A sweet medium would fit my darling husband.

  16. Very Cute…Great Job on the Graphics. That medium is a sure fit.
    Good Luck to everyone!

  17. A medium will fit me or my wife and hang nicely in the closet of our 1956 Spartan, 1978 Argosy, or 1986 Airstream! (Already receive the newsletter)

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